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A decentralized Exchange Protocol 0x

Ox have unveiled yesterday evening via a Blog announcement of a Portal.

0x home

In order to increase the user acceptance and to improve the reputation of the projects that implement the 0x Protocol, will serve the Portal as the home page for new users.

In a row of hundreds of millions of dollars of lost funds, of BitGrail on Coincheck to MtGox, many people search for after a safer way to trade your digital assets.

The Protocol combines multiple mediation. Relayer can send buy and sell orders to a common order book before trading against a small fee. It is a System that has received from the investors paid great attention, with the Coin in the Top 25 with a market capitalisation of 625 million US dollars, according to ranks.

And that is exactly what solves the Problem, which had decentralized exchanges such as ether Delta: the lack of liquidity – so far.

0x hopes that it can overcome this hurdle by decentralized exchanges, it is possible to share a Central pool of Liquidity. Today’s announcement is a Push to increase the number of users. The Portal shows that progress is being made, since DDEX is listed with a weekly trading volume of 33 million USD, while the second largest, Radar Relay includes 2.8 million USD.

0x has made last week’s headlines, as Coinbase has announced that the Token was one of the six digital Assets, which wanted to add the popular Fiat-Crypto-Gateway trade markets. Since the announcement, the Token well and jumped over 50% from $0,76 to today’s price of $1,27.

0x hopes that the new Portal will bring more traders to the decentralized stock exchanges, but it is not yet clear how much more users are required for the Protocol, in order to achieve the liquidity of the popular centralized exchanges.

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