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Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey manifests itself for the first time to the Giveaway Scam

f77ef24450a72bc21d6682bf15fc273c - Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey manifests itself for the first time to the Giveaway Scam

Twitter’s CEO Jack Dorsey is expressed for the first Time to the Giveaway-Scam. Every day, countless people fall for the Scam. Previously Elon Musk, Vitalik Buterin, and John McAfee were reported to the subject. A Problem is growing over the crypto scene.

The Scam is now part of the everyday life of the crypto scene in all of the social media, primarily on Twitter. In the Scam, the scammers pose as well-known Influencer. With your Fake Accounts you answers to the real Tweets of the Influencers and announce that a Giveaway is held. In this, the victim should send one to two ETH to an Ethereum address. In return, they would receive double the amount back. Of course, this is an empty promise. Your money in the Form of Ethereum will not be returned to the victims.

Jack Dorsey, CEO of Twitter short message service and sent the following Tweet after Luke Martin, a Trader and Analyst on YouTube and Twitter, made it to the infamous Scam alert.

Previously, Ethereum founder Vitalik Buterin had gebteen the Twitter CEO, even personally to help. A response from, however, remained.

Again and again problems with the same Schema

Surprisingly, Jack Dorsey expresses so to the topic. While it is known that the Twitter CEO has a positive attitude towards crypto-currencies, but not his Tweet that he is with the subject matter, nor is it very familiar. Because his question aims to identify a couple of fraudulent Accounts and to eliminate these.

But this is already in practice. Users can also report Identity theft or abusive content on Twitter. In General, these messages will be processed within 24 hours. This is for the crypto world but much too slowly. Within a few hours, thousands of people can read a Tweet. Thus, the Giveaway-Scam is also targeting thousands of potential victims. In addition, an Account can be set up within minutes easily re-create it.

Recently, Elon Musk, John McAfee, and Vitalik had already spoken Buterin to the topic. The Problem has grown far beyond the crypto-scene.

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