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Stratis: New Identitätsapp in the Beta Version

Stratis with his Identitätsapp in the Beta Phase. Thus, it is users is now possible to test how identity works on the Blockchain. In the course of the last few days of the STRAT-rate rose in addition, similar to most of the Altcoins to a few percent.

The company announced on its Blog on 18. July the Launch of the Stratis Identity App. The Beta Version gives a taste of what options there are to manage his identity information on the Stratis platform. The App provides for it to generate a permanent and unique identity on the Stratis-Blockchain. The owner – whether private companies or individuals – so that more rights about how you manage your data. Hence, it remains open, to sell, for example, for advertising purposes or similar in business. Especially in the case of processes of identification to be also useful, because people can identify by swiping on the App. The data on the Blockchain will submit all necessary information.

The main functions of the Stratis Identity App

The main functions that the business leads are:

  • a Stratis-Blockchain identity, which is registered on the Stratis-Blockchain and secured is
  • digital proof of identity through connection to Social Media profiles on Microsoft, Google, and LinkedIn
  • Verification of identity by means of public addresses, and Hashes
  • Identification of other Stratis Profiles by a verification tool

As we explain in New Chains on the Block, is Stratis, a project based on C# developers get access to the Microsoft.NET-Framework. The crypto-currency STRAT sets on the other hand, some other Coins on the Proof-of-Stake method.

The STRAT course

The Stratis-rate (STRAT) currently stands at 3.10 to the US Dollar. Similar to most of the Altcoins he has seen in the last seven days, with nearly 35 per cent a rise. Thus, the company is in a total market capitalization of 306,8 million dollars, and a 24-hour trading volume of 7.6 million US dollars.

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