Roseanne Barr is busy with their own talk show

Roseanne Barr is working on a talk show in which she, through her chosen guests are going to interview. She also does the production. She makes the program without the help of a television station. The show must be broadcast through the YouTube channel of the in disgrace got American actress.

Roseanne Barr

Barr has, according to TMZ the last week locked in a studio of her son Jake Pentland, and interviews with friends and relatives. Jake tells that he is one of the guests. In addition, Allan Stephan, producer of the original comedyserie Roseanne to guest, as well as her former manager Thomas Muhammad. According to Jake, this is ’the only way is to have a truly unfiltered and uncut version of my mother.”

Roseanne hit Friday for the umpteenth time in speech. In a video on her own YouTube channel she is once again asked to point out her racist tweets from last may, when they scream erupts. “I thought that bitch white.”

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