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Not lucrative enough: crypto-jacking on the retreat

The crypto-jacking on PCs, Smart TVs, and control systems, Smartphones and many other devices is on a slow but continuous decline. The hackers were affected in the last few months by the negative Price performance of various crypto-currencies. In addition, many cyber-criminals had to find, that in order to quick money.

According to a recent study by the security researchers from Malwarebytes, the phenomenon of the crypto-mining is on the decline. The number of infected devices is expected to decline in June to 1.5 million. Until a few months ago, an increase of infected devices was given up to 8,500 percent. Developing a malicious software is no longer for the cyber criminals so rewarding, because the rates of almost all crypto-currencies for some months now, on the way down have found. In addition, the infection of so many devices is for a high volume of sales necessary to earn it.

After all, about five percent of all available Monero Coins on the crypto-Mining affected PCs have been calculated. Monero is particularly suitable, because you can’t follow the money trail, in contrast to Bitcoin because of the lack of a transparent Blockchain. Also, Monero can be mined very well on conventional computers. No special Hardware is needed.

Crypto-jacking: to earn a fast Euro!

Jerome Segura of Malwarebytes said to the News Portal ZDNet, it is sufficient to provide only a few Hundred websites with a Mining script. Sales is, by nature, of the number of daily visitors. However, for the popular sites, the risk is greater, that Inject their own programmes notice in a timely manner. In the case of the less well maintained and less well-visited sites, significantly less gain for the Hacker. According to the report, “Cybercrime tactics and techniques” in the second quarter of 2018, the number of affected devices is only in the case of the Smartphones is rising. Otherwise, has taken place in all operating systems with respect to the undesirable use of a noticeable break-in.

Malwarebytes also reported that it has pushed the Windows users in the last time often the so-called Smoke Loader, is a malicious program, as alleged Patch against the Spectre and Meltdown security gaps. Because most users protect their PCs, in the meantime, against the NSA Bugs, this wave of installations to a standstill. The Smoke Loader (also known as Dofoil) is sophisticated, because the detection is made difficult by anti-virus programs very intelligent or prevented.

No matter on which device and in what ways: The quick Dollar is no longer the crypto-jacking. For this you need a long breath, a lot of hackers do not have. Therefore, more and more Criminals of your fingers, the analysts in their assessment.

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