Guardian of the Galaxy-director dismissed for shocking tweets

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James Gunn is fired as director of the third Guardians of the Galaxy movie due to a number of tweets that he has in the past placed. Disney is of the opinion that he is over the border has gone by to joke about the holocaust, rape, pedophilia, and aids.

James Gunn

“The insulting attitude and statements on the Twitter account of James are not easy to talk to and be consistent with the values of our studio and therefore we have our business relationship with him is broken”, so let Alan Horn, a spokesman for Disney in a statement to know.


According to TMZ, he wrote that he likes it when little boys to his crazy spots, and that it is best to rape the moment is that you are not raped and you then realize that it’s very nice that it’s over.

Gunn has the tweets from his account will be deleted and placed his apologies. “A lot of people that my career, have followed, to know where I come from. I see myself as a provocateur of films and jokes that are ridiculous and taboedoorbrekend. As I have often publicly expressed.”

Roseanne Barr

It was, however, Gunn can know that this could happen. He responded earlier on Twitter to allegations that ABC Roseanne Barr the mouth caused by her dismissal: “I wish that people understood what freedom of speech is and what is not. Roseanne can say what she wants. That does not mean that ABC her show need to continue to fund.”

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