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Goldman Sachs: How the crypto-savvy new CEO is David Solomon?

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At Goldman Sachs there was a change of leadership. David Salomon will replace Lloyd Blankfein, who had the post of CEO since 2006. Salomon, who served previously as COO, to crypto-currencies than open-minded.


The rumors about a change in leadership at the US banking giant have confirmed: Yesterday, the company announced in a press release that COO David Salomon is the new Chief Executive Officer. 15. July, reported the New York Times, relying on insider statements about the impending personnel decision. While his – for Wall Street-conditions – long-standing predecessor, Lloyd is Blankfein as a Trader, comes to Salomon from Investment Banking. He could decide the race for the Post after his only competitor, Harvey Schwartz, said in March an Ultimatum, which proved to be a shot in the oven. The former Co-CEO threatened to leave the company, he should not get the post of CEO. Then, Blankfein expressed his preference for Solomon, and Schwartz submitted his resignation.

Cautious steps in the direction of the crypto market

The experienced investment bankers Solomon has been the topic of crypto-currencies compared to while not enthusiastic, but at least open-minded shown. He told the news Agency Bloomberg in June, then in his function as COO:

“We were just discussing Bitcoin, Futures, and other activities in the area, approach the matter very carefully.”

In the case of the clientele of Goldman Sachs, the interest was definitely there.

“We listen to our customers and try to assist them in the exploration of this area.”

Already in may, Goldman Sachs has announced that the trading of Bitcoin Futures, boarding, and offered on the US-American futures and options exchange, CBOE futures contracts. The CBOE has filed with the U.S. securities and exchange Commission a request for approval of Bitcoin, ETFs (Exchange Traded Funds), the response has been positive.

In the light of current, increasing the Bitcoin exchange rate, the presumption is close, that will increase the size of Solomon to the commitment of Goldman Sachs in the crypto area. Finally, experience has shown that investors ‘ interest is growing practically proportional to the BTC course.

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