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German Start-up is claiming to have a partnership with Binance and the Malta Stock Exchange

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The Berlin-based Blockchain Start-up is claiming to have works in the future with the crypto exchange Binance and the Malta Stock Exchange. In the course of the partnership, the Coins offered on the platform of Newfoundland are, on Binance. Malta is always more to the European bridge-head for the stock exchange of Hong Kong.


Newfoundland is a two-year-old Start-up based in Berlin. The business model is based on a combination of classic Venture Capital and innovative Blockchain applications. Thus, they provide a platform on which investors in Start-ups can invest and with the Security Token will be rewarded. So Start saving-ups, the setting up of a separate Blockchain solution. The idea behind it: The benefits of Initial Coin Offerings for non-block chain-based Start-ups as a crowd-funding method. The clear focus on Security Token differs from the other ICO-business, the majority of the output of Utility-Token.

Cooperation with Binance brings the Newfoundland-dog-Token-large-out

Now one is claiming to have traded Token to be made soon on a much broader mass within the crypto community. The Berlin-based company will include a partnership with the world’s largest crypto exchange Binance and the Malta Stock Exchange. The goal is to build a decentralized stock exchange that operates worldwide. Both companies are seen as potential trading venues for the shares of the Start-ups that are offered through Newfoundland. So it could be the Security Token in the future.

“We are pleased to announce the partnerships with the Malta Stock Exchange and Binance, which ensure a high level of liquidity of the Newfoundland issued Security Token. It is the first Time in history that the Security tokens can be offered to be binding and acted. The upcoming pilot project will allow us to test the reaction of the market and the entire project idea to implement in a minimal risk environment,“

so Adamovicz, CEO and co-founder of Newfoundland Zoe.

Binance: entry into the traditional financial business

The co-operation of Newfoundland and Binance had emerged in the course of the week already. So Binance is involved currently with a five percent participation in the founding of Founders Bank, the first decentralized Bank in Malta. The participation was acquired on the platform of Newfoundland, with the help of the Founders Bank is working together. In Binance you think for a Long time already an entry in the Venture Capital area, even a private investment Fund.

“We are pleased with Newfoundland on the groundbreaking idea to create a complete Ecosystem for the issuance and trading of securities on the Blockchain. Today’s announcement marks a new Chapter for the development of Binance, with the aims to popularize the traditional financial systems token“,

Chanpeng Zhao, CEO of Binance said, to the cooperation.

“We are pleased to Newfoundland as one of our most important partners in building a block-chain is to be welcomed-based stock exchange, which is fully integrated in the established financial markets. With the impending pilot project, we are the worldwide pioneer in the digital financial economy,“

the Chairman of the Malta stock exchange, Joseph Portelli said.

Malta is becoming more and more attractive

The location of Malta is developing, meanwhile, always more to the bridge-head of the stock exchange Binance in Europe. In March, opened Binance an office in the island state. Thus, the Hong Kong also reacted to the expulsion from Japan in consequence of a dispute. Malta Binance of the investors benefited from friendly government policies, dedicated also to the promotion of Blockchain-companies. The Maltese government is planning to make the small country to the European “Blockchain Island”.

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