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Ben and Jerry’s: CO2-neutral ice and the Blockchain

Ben and Jerry's: CO2-neutral ice and the Blockchain

How to use the Blockchain technology in a sustainable way? On this question there are several answers. A Ben and Jerry’s store in London, and the Poseidon Foundation have put together a solution.

A Ben and Jerry’s store in London cooperates with the Poseidon Foundation. The ice cream manufacturer uses the Stellar Blockchain in the sense of the environment. Customers now have the option to pay an extra amount in the amount of less than a Penny, the CO2 emissions of the production of the ice cream to balance.

To the finished ball of ice caused by the cows that are involved with milk production, Transport, cooling, & co. to the 0.11 pounds of carbon dioxide. Through the use of the Blockchain technology, a CO2 is calculated for each customer-emission value and the opportunity to neutralize this value for less than a Penny. This so-called Carbon Credits will be used. The Poseidon used Stellar Blockchain offers, due to the practically non-existing transaction costs, the perfect solution for the many micro-transactions.

Transparency as a confidence-bonus

On the Poseidon platform, the customer of Ben and Jerry’s experiences after the payment that his purchase is carbon dioxide neutral. For the balance the Poseidon buys Foundation emission certificates. At the same time all the transaction data is to be stored in a transparent and unchangeable in the Blockchain. As a result, the customer can understand exactly what the Carbon Credits are issued. For Poseidon, for example, works with reforestation projects.

Originally Laszlo Giricz brought the project to life. The Poseidon-founder noted how cost effective the carbon balance, if everyone makes his contribution. Since then, Ben and Jerry’s is working to facilitate people’s active fight against climate change.

The Blockchain can be sustainable, in the meantime, several projects. Recently BTC-ECHO on the French dream tower project in China reported that, in the eco-friendly skyscraper, using the Blockchain technology efficiently controlled. But also, indirectly, the Blockchain can improve the life between man and nature. By Smart Homes, the Internet of Things and a Shared Society based on the Distributed Ledger technology (DLT) for the company’s far-reaching opportunities for more efficient and environment-to act friendly. This efficiency and the smart energy to significantly less excess energy consumption will lead to Use in the long term.

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