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Altcoin-Echo: 70 percent Plus for Stellar (XLM), TenX (PAY) increases to 90 percent

Strong price gains in the case of Stellar (XLM) and TenX (PAY). The price of Stellars Lumen increased in a week to nearly 70 percent. The PAY-Token of Julian Hosps TenX project can even have a week plus of 90 percent.

Stellar lives up to its Logo currently, all of the honor: Almost rocket stick, the Stellar course of the last seven days ascended was. The rate recorded for the past week, an increase of 67,24%. For the past 24 hours, the Lumen can have a Plus of 9.26 percent. Thus, the Stellar course (XLM) is currently around $ 0.31 (from 0.27). Overall, the market capitalization of 5.7 billion dollars (5 billion Euro), while the 24-hour trading volume is approximately 270 million dollars (232 million Euro). The increase comes a week after Coinbase has announced on Twitter that Stellars Lumen has prospects for a listing in the cryptographic exchange. In addition, this week the message is the round that Stellar as so far the only crypto-currency, the predicate is halal”. A corresponding certificate issued by the Shariyah Review Bureau in Saudi Arabia already in the beginning of June.

Is Stellar to escape the downward trend?

With the Rally of the last days of the Stellar-course on exponential moving rise means EMA50 and EMA100. Currently the price is testing since January, followed a downward trend. He should overcome the downward trend, would be more goals in the amount of $ 0.33 (EUR 0.28), of 0.38 US Dollar (EUR 0.33) and 0.44 U.S. dollars (0.38 euros). Even if there is a positive and rising MACD arouses such hope: The overbought RSI suggests more in the direction of consolidation. In this, the price can drop down to the EMA50, which is currently $ 0.24 (0.21 Euro),. This Support will be broken and the current US $ 0.22 (EUR 0.19) lying EMA100 can not be kept in Support, was burned at the rate fireworks, but ultimately only straw and Stellar would be returned in the downward trend.

TenX: a week plus of 90 percent

The strong balance sheet of Stellar is surpassed by TenX course even: The project of Singapore can look back for the past seven days on a respectable 90 percent. The price of the PAY-Token rose, within a week of 0.57 US Dollar (0.49 euros) currently to 1.07 $ (0.92 euros). Thus, the bullish variant of the TenX has confirmed-rate analysis from last week for the First. He is at a total market capitalisation of approximately 120 million US dollars (103 million euros) and a 24-hour trading volume of around 17 million dollars (15.3 million euros).

After the Kus tested since the end of January, existing downward trend, he fell back again somewhat, however, currently above the exponential moving averages. The case of MACD from the end, is a consolidation to the exponential moving average EMA50. The rate should rise above the Resistance at 1.25 US dollars (1,08 Euro), there would be a second Test of the downward trend. This is overcome, can be targeted goals in the last week raised rates 1.67 US-Dollar (1,44 Euro), and 2.04 dollars (1,76 dollars).

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