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What happens to your Bitcoins in the event of a divorce?

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While the Mainstream acceptance of crypto-currencies is in full swing, grow the use of Bitcoin and other digital currencies, with a similar pace. From the taxes, numbers of visitors to your day-to-day supermarket: Bitcoin has finally arrived in the conventional financial System. In fact, there is already some crypto-enthusiasts, who see the spread of crypto in so far that you are looking for new legislation, which protect your digital currencies in the event of a divorce.

It is known to us all that crypto-currencies have always been a popular Medium for money laundering for Criminals – currencies comes obviously from the anonymous nature of most Crypto. The anonymous side of this type of Plant could also be used to hide crypto-currencies in the event of a divorce. This is precisely the Problem with British law met with law firms over the past year.

For this reason, it could be possible that the Divorced must soon be known to their digital currencies, as well as other assets in the divorce. If the partners have signed no prior contract of marriage – a document that determines the distribution of the possessions in case of divorce or the death of a partner – it may be that crypto-currencies fall into a legal grey zone, in which both spouses have a claim on the possessions. This comes about thanks to a process called Transmutation, in which separate possessions with the Marital assets.

Crypto-currencies can now be disputed in this procedure.

Royds Withy King, a private law firm, handles at present the case of a couple that is fighting over a fortune of £600.000. The husband had invested at the beginning of 2017 in front of the massive increase in the price of Bitcoin to around £80,000 in crypto-currencies.

In an Interview with the BBC Vandana Chitroda, a Partner in the law firm indicates that it will give in the future a lot more of such cases.

“These are the first cases we’ve seen, and we expect that we will see a lot more. There will be also such divorces, where one spouse values has not placed such assets and the desire of the other spouse, these assets part of the marital property to the nightmare.“

Jacqueline Fitzgerald, a partner in the law firm Wilsons, says that it is, however, quite difficult to prove the possession of crypto-currencies. This can lead to a big Problem.

The biggest Problem here is the lack of Central Authority in relation to the crypto industry. This makes it almost impossible to identify these assets in the event of a divorce confiscated. Therefore, it have to convert spouses easy any money in Kyptowährungen and then hide them in front of the divorced Partner.

In addition, the announcement of the possession of crypto-currencies in the event of a divorce, the volatility aspect in mind. Chitroda explains that a normal divorce can usually last up to 8 months, in the case of crypto must be completed in currencies, this is the correct Value of several reviews.

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