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The crypto-francs is to be released soon?

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The Switzerland soon a Swiss francs to Blockchain-based?

In Switzerland is currently considering whether to introduce an E-franc. This should be similar to Tether function, i.e., the E-franc would be tied 1:1 to the Swiss franc. However, in contrast to Tether the crypto would be controlled-Swiss francs from the National Bank. In addition, it is still uncertain whether the digital Swiss francs would ever run on the Blockchain technology. The idea in Switzerland is to launch the crypto-franc since the spring of 2018 in the conversation.

Bank Manager Marianne Wildi talks to Swiss television SRF as follows:“When you combine something existing with a new technology, something like the E-franc.“ However, if you want to avoid the well-known volatility of the crypto markets. “A stable digital Swiss francs on the Blockchain technology it is built would be the Ideal solution,” says Wildi. The complete Interview can be found here.

In this sense, the E is intended franc as a Supplement to conventional cash, and not as a replacement.

The stock exchanges, the Chairman of Romeo Lacher sees Good reasons for the introduction of a crypto-currency. Laugh believes to revive it with the digital Swiss francs, the economy, as well as to simplify electronic Payment systems and optimize them. To think the Six President laughs with an E – franc, one could generate a lot of synergies if this is under the control of the SNB (Swiss National Bank).

But this is precisely the SNB expressed compared to the E-francs rather skeptical. Up to now, the SNB crypto-currencies does not hold for a niche and trust you. Even if it would not be niche, the SNB sees little advantage in it. You are more likely to find that an incalculable risk and could be overcome with the existing System, anyway the same problems.

Whether Switzerland wants to now introduce a crypto-francs, is still in the stars. On the one hand, many proponents are there, on the other hand, the introduction is contrary to a lot of fear of the new.

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