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redBUX: ICO leads the way for Decentralised erotic industry

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To facilitate the payment process for subscription-based Virtual Reality pornography, creates redBUX a Blockchain-based payment platform for the erotic industry.

Apart from the fact that the enterprise portals such as, for example, the Wallstreet Online Business and Punk is already on the major news present, the company has more than 6000 partners in the Porn industry. These include, among other things, Wicked Pictures and vrXcity. Both plan to integrate the new payment method soon on their platforms.

The company behind redBUX is me.mento 3D manufacture GmbH, which specialises in Virtual Reality and 3D Design. More specifically, the company focuses on 3D representations of Porn Stars. With their proprietary, specially-developed Scanning technologies, and leading the 3D artists to create photo-realistic 3D files for digital processing of 3D figures of real Porn Stars. Since the inception in the year 2014, the company has collected capital from some of the largest investors in Europe.

At the beginning of 2018, the company vrXcity, founded the world’s first interactive VR platform for the erotic industry. On the users page, to be acting in the will be able with true-to-life, animated, moving, and equipped with artificial intelligence Porn-Star avatars. Since the site is equipped with AI (Artificial intelligence) and Machine Learning, users will be able to control the user experience according to your own personal preferences.

Add to this that users of vrXcity can invite acquire their own Online spaces in which other users to experience of them personally created Erotic interactive content. Porn Stars who want to offer their content on the page, have it easy: they need only to contact the company, a 3D body scan, carry out, and for a relaxing coffee, sit down as you can expect from this point on, the license payments of the company.

Source: redBUX ICO

How can we establish, however, a secure and unalterable payment method for vrXcity?

Here redBUX comes into play.

What redBUX?

redBUX token is a Service that is based on the ERC20 Standard. This can be used to pay for vrXcity content, as well as for media content to 6 more great Porn& adult websites. Thanks to technical innovations and the Blockchain vrXcity is able to take payments in the VR to allow the world without that the user must take off the VR glasses. In short, the redBUX Token provides secure and anonymous access to adult content.

Below is some information for the upcoming redBUX ICO are:

Source: redBUX ICO

Thanks to the ultra-modern Blockchain technology redBUX allows for the immediate distribution of payment of revenue to the Service providers as well as media-license holders, aka. Porn Stars.

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