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Record of 45.5 million euros as prize money at US Open

ac61e22877974ff4fa4ae7fb2e0daeb8 - Record of 45.5 million euros as prize money at US Open

The winner and the winner in singles of the US Open (August 27-september 9) will be next summer for 3.8 million dollars (about 3,26 million euro) pocket. That made the American tennis federation (USTA) Tuesday known. The total prize pool amounts to 53 million dollars (45,45 million euro), which is the highest amount ever for a grand slam tournament.

The prize money for the last Grand Slam of the tennis season since 2013 increased by 57 percent. Compared to last year (50,4-million dollar/eur 43.2 million) was the total pot again with a 5 percent increase. There benefit not only the eindlaureaten in singles.

In the doubles get the winning teams 700.000 dollars (600,000 euros). That amount of money in the United States has never previously issued for dubbelwinnaars.

Also for the kwalificatiespelers will for the first time in the history of the US Open has a prize pool has to be extended. They distribute $ 3 million (2.6 million euro) to each other.

The US Open takes place from 27 August to 9 september. The qualifications go on August 21, of start.

Prize money:

. Singles (in dollars):

Winner: 3.800.000

Final: 1.850.000

Semi-finals: 925.000

Quarter finals: 475.000

Eighth fianle: 266.000

Third round: 156.000

Second round: 93.000

First round: 54.000

. Doubles (per team/$):

Winners: 700.000

Final: 350.000

Semi-finals: 166.400

Quarter finals: 85.275

Eighth finals: 46.500

Second round: 27.875

First round: 16.500

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