‘Puigdemont again next week to Belgium’

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The Spanish judge Pablo Llarena attracts the international and European arrest warrant, but he maintains the national. In our own country remains Puigdemont searched for rebellion, embezzlement of public funds and embezzlement. Outside of Spain he is a free man and according to his lawyer he is coming back next week to Belgium.

The Spanish judge Pablo LLarena wants to avoid that Puigdemont Spain has been handed down for embezzlement of public funds’, that is a crime that is much less heavily penalized than ‘rebellion’. He takes that decision after the higher Regional court in Schleswig-Holstein on July 12, had decided that the deposed Catalan prime minister, not for rebellion could be handed down, only for misappropriation of public money. If the German authorities to him for this mercy, then it would be Puigdemont in Spain cannot be prosecuted for rebellion.

The Spanish national arrest warrant remains in force. If Puigdemont as a free man, the Spanish territory to enter, then he can be arrested for the much heavier crime of ‘rebellion’. That means that the Catalan politician, if he is out of the hands of the Spanish justice wants to stay, cannot return to his country.

On 5 december last year drew Llarena for the first time the international arrest warrant against Puigdemont. The Catalan politician spent time in Belgium and the Spanish court feared that the Belgian court, the Catalan politician would not deliver because of rebellion.

Llarena has also the international and European arrest warrants against the other kosovar politicians, Antonio Comin, Luis Puig, Meritxell Serret, residing in Belgium, and against Clara Ponsatí in the United Kingdom, and against Marta Rovira, that Switzerland has fled.

‘Back to Belgium’

According to his Belgian lawyer, Paul Bekaert, Puigdemont early next week to Belgium. “It is logical that Puigdemont return to Brussels. That is as a European capital a better place for his action than Schleswig-Holstein, ” says Bekaert. Probably will Puigdemont in Waterloo perch beginning next week, at an address where he previously resided.

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