Police in Rio to negotiate with ’billendokter’ after fatal surgery

a78595fde7f1c101dd5d2c3db83423bc - Police in Rio to negotiate with ’billendokter’ after fatal surgery

BARRA DA TIJUCA – Brazilian police negotiate through intermediaries with a fugitive imitation plastic surgeon in whose apartment the last weekend, a patient died when her buttocks were enhanced.

Lilian Calixto and Denis Furtado.

He would be willing to surrender, reported to local media in Rio de Janeiro. The ’surgeon’ Denis César Barros Furtado in Brazilian media, a well-known personality and is Dr. Bumbum (Billendokter).

He has as billendokter’ hundreds of thousands of followers on the internet. Since years he works as a plastic surgeon, but that is what he is according to the Association of Plastic Surgeons. He is missing since he and the 46-year-old Lilian Calixto Sunday to a hospital brought in a wealthy suburb of Rio de Janeiro, Barra da Tijuca, where they short time later died.

She was in his apartment during the bilvergroting unwell. According to the chirurgenvereniging you can, such a procedure is not at home in an apartment. About the cause of death of Calixto, nothing is published. They had a trip of 1500 km made to the 45-year-old Dr. Bumbum a short procedure to her buttocks to enlarge.

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