New Tarantino movie will no longer appear on the death of Sharon Tate

The release date of “Once Upon a Time in Hollywood”, the upcoming movie by Quentin Tarantino, is by the distribution company to be deferred. The film would be initially released on 26 July 2019, fifty years after the murder of Sharon Tate. For unknown reasons, the release date of the film is now postponed to 9 August 2019, writes Variety.

The film is about the killings of the sect of Charles Manson and the murder of Tate was a part of. The actress was at the time, the pregnant girlfriend of the Polish-French director-actor Roman Polanski. Manson, on november 19, 2017 died, was together with some other members of his cult, Manson Family guilty of gruesome murders of seven people in the sixties.

Among others, Brad Pitt, Al Pacino, Leonardo DiCaprio and Dakota Fanning play in the ninth film of the director. According to Tarantino are DiCaprio and Pitt “the most dynamic film duo since Paul Newman and Robert Redford” (who together played in “The Sting” from 1973, red.). In terms of style would be “Once Upon a Time in Hollywood” most resemble “Pulp Fiction”, the film which the director, major awareness-raising.

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