New Spanish submarine will not fit in port

A Spanish naval port must be increased because the four new submarines of the army do not seem to fit. Reports that the Spanish newspaper El Pais.

The problems began in 2013. When it was determined that the new S-80 submarine 100 tonnes too heavy. That caused problems with the buoyancy of a boat could be diving, but then not more to the surface. In order to solve the problem he was 10 meters longer. Now is the submarine, however, to long to become to dock at the naval port of Cartagena.

The Spanish navy should the port now remodeling so that the new submarine would fit. According to the original plans had the vessel 71 meters long and 2.200 tonnes. The new submarine, renamed to S-80 ‘Plus’, is now 81 metres long and weighs 3,000 tons. The berths in the naval port of Cartagena are, in contrast, only 78 meters long, 3 meters too short.

The costs for the renovations to be at 16 million euros estimated and the coming days may be approved by the Spanish government. Also the price of the four ordered submarines running in the meantime. To the vessels, to extend the gave Spain all 17 million euros. According to the newspaper El Pais is the price of each submarine, which is now a billion euro per piece cost, twice as expensive as expected.

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