New film “La La Land”-director Chazelle opens Venice 2018

f2b9776352e9fc32d3e135c2e5591e48 - New film "La La Land"-director Chazelle opens Venice 2018

“First Man”, the latest film from “La La Land”-director Damien Chazelle, opens on 29 August the international film festival of Venice. That the Festival has today announced. The “First Man” is the 37-year-old Ryan Gosling, who in the role of Neil Armstrong, the first man to set foot on the moon. The biopic, which naturally focuses on the famous moon landing in 1969 by Apollo 11, rotates in the competition for the Golden Lion. Or he who wins, on 8 september, the final day of the festival, prove to be.

Festival director Alberto Barbera called the film as “very personal, original, and penetrating”. The scenario of “First Man” is from the hand of Josh Singer, who had previously been the script produced for the award-winning “Spotlight”. Claire Foy incarnates in the film, armstrong’s wife Janet and Corey Stoll will step into the role of Buzz Aldrin.

With the musical “La La Land”, also with Gosling in the lead role, captured Chazelle many as six Oscars. That movie was 2016 also in the Mostra in world premiere. Chazelle became very well known with the strong “Whiplash”.

The Venice film festival, the oldest in the world, since 1932 held. Typical for the Mostra is the mix of Hollywood blockbusters with art house movies. Or that also this year the case is, we know next Wednesday (25 July), when the full program is announced.

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