Mysterious black granite sarcophagus opened

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Egyptian archaeologists have discovered the thirty-ton sarcophagus, which two weeks ago was found opened.

Would the body of Alexander the Great found? Or would it open the sarcophagus to mischief? Neither, as it turns out. “We have the sarcophagus opened, and we are not cursed,” said Mostafa Waziry, the head of Egypt’s supreme council for antiquities.

Waziry and his team found three mummies in a reddish-brown liquid. The liquid was analysed and described as sewage. The water is the sarcophagus binnengesijpeld through a crack on the right side and has ensured the complete dissolution of the mummies. There were only skeletons are found.

“We have the bones of three people found. It looks like a family vault. Unfortunately, were the mummies not in the best condition, ” says Waziry. According to experts on the British tv channel BBC it would be possible to have three soldiers. One of the skulls would be cracked, which may indicate an injury by an arrow.

The sewage water gave, according to the archaeologists an unbearable stench. When they reach the top stone, five inches up tilden, was the entire site, leave because of the stench, according to news channel Al-Watan. The experts wore during the work constantly surgical masks.

The particular sarcophagus was by construction workers discovered during the work in the Egyptian port city of Alexandria two weeks ago. The sarcophagus is more than two thousand years old, two meters high, three meters long and more than thirty tonnes.

In addition to the black granite sarcophagus was also an alabaster sculpture of a head was found, supposedly it goes to the person in the coffin. ‘The alabaster head is probably that of a nobleman in Alexandria.’

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