Mother Cory Monteith: ’My son didn’t die’

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Five years ago, died Glee-star Cory Monteith at age 31 of a heroin overdose. In the meantime, his mother, Ann McGregor, the time taken for the death of her son, a place to give. “A part of me died when Cory died,” she says to People.

Cory Monteith

The actor, by the public at large mostly known for his role as Finn Hudson in the musical tv series Glee, was only thirteen years old when he older friends got it and started experimenting with drugs and alcohol. “It was a vulnerable boy, until his death,” says the 67-year-old Ann. “I’ve got him on a free way brought up, and him a lot of love given. But I him learned nothing about the ’other side’ of the world. The dark side of life.”

On his fifteenth, she brought Cory to rehab, but after a month there to have been, was the actor back into his old pattern and then four years later to return in ’rehab’. “I learned that rehab is not the solution. You need to that children penetrate, before they come in contact with drugs. I never managed to stop him.”


Also felt Cory never feel at ease, when he all of a sudden a star was and a lot of attention. “He called the name of that world is ‘plastic’. It was all much too superficial for him. Cory was just different than the rest, he had a big heart. He was just not loud enough for the world that he suddenly had to do,” says his mother, who thinks her son with drugs began to the pressure of Hollywood to escape. “He suffered from stress, because he wanted to get away from that world. But that did not work, since he is still a contract of two years. Drug use was his way to circumvent it.”

The actor was in april 2013 for the third time in a rehab, but three months later, on July 13, 2013 – they found him in a hotel room in Vancouver. His body contained traces of heroin, morphine and codeine. “He wanted to not death,” says Ann. “There is no doubt about that. He was concerned with his future. Cory had so much to live for.”

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