Marghem has homework again, and

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Energy Minister Marie-Christine Marghem (MR) has not taken into account the will of its coalition partners to a Dutch gas-fired power plant in its ‘gasplan’ a fair chance.

The federal council of ministers will discuss on Friday the plan of Energy minister Marie-Christine Marghem (MR) for the fired gas plants in 2025 the nuclear power plants must be replaced. Normal had that plan at the end of may already.

Last week came the first draft, but that was immediately wiped out by Open VLD, CD&V and N-VA. ‘Marghem provides no fair opportunity for the gas-fired power plant in the Netherlands Maasbracht”, sounds at its coalition partners. However, it will be central as the egg of Columbus to be considered. With a capacity of 1,300 megawatts, would they be able to vouch for more than one-third of the capacity of 3,600 megawatts) that is required.

The power plant in Maasbracht is owned by the German energy company RWE, and was in the 2012 renewal, but by the excess capacity in our neighbors, she is already four years inactive.

RWE says that the only edition to provide electricity to Belgium, a cable is 13 km to the border crossing. ‘The price is estimated at 200 million euros, ” says the N-VA. ‘Significantly less than the 1.2 billion euros that a new gas-fired power plant with the same capacity would cost. Therefore, only deserves Maasbracht a chance.”

In favor of Engie

The steunmechanismes that Marghem last week, has proposed, were arranged so that RWE insufficient guarantees for a profitable activity. If Maasbracht don’t participate and plays in the map of the Belgian-French energy producers, who also fired gas plants to be built. Marghem has already often been the accusation that she rides for Engie and EDF-Luminus. Also now suspect to its coalition partners her. It is a question whether the minister its plan Friday consist of.

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