’Kim Kardashian has our logo copied”

d350f3879becc85c7a21e55c78162875 - ’Kim Kardashian has our logo copied"

The company Vibes Media, suing Kim Kardashian, because the logo of her new perfume Vibes suspiciously like that of them, it seems. The realityster would do not have permission to have asked the marketing company out of Chicago, so Vibes now requires that all bottles be destroyed and they a compensation pay. This is reported in The Blast.

Kim Kardashian

The perfume Vibes is one of the three fragrances from the Kimoji line, that Tuesday was launched. Help of an expensive pr agency or advertising had Kim, her latest products via social media, as presented, is not needed. The realityster reportedly has only five minutes for about $ 5 million to binnengeharkt by the sale.

On the left the logo of Vibes Media, right that of Kimoji Vibes.

This was partly because a number of celebs, to whom Kim the perfume had been sent to her via their social media channels declined and the product the heaven inprezen.

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