“Jurassic Jeff” in London’s park

A giant statue of the actor transforms a normal park next to the Tower Bridge to an Instagram hotspot.

A giant statue of filmlegende Jeff Goldblum is perched in a London Park, with the famous Tower Bridge, to the twenty-fifth anniversary of Jurassic Park to celebrate. ‘Jurassic Jeff is nearly 8 metres long and depicts the famous scene in which Goldblum’s character, dr. Ian Malcolm, has just been attacked by a T-rex and shirtloos on the screen. The scene has been numerous parodies and a actiefiguur inspired, but now there is also a statue.

Fans of the streams in large numbers to the new attraction, which was put down by NowTV. And even though Goldblum is a popular actor, however, there is criticism over the social media. Some people wonder what connection there is between Goldblum, Jurassic Park and the British capital.

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