Jonathan Rhys Meyers ‘back on track’ after incident in the plane

The star wants to stay sober and be an example for his son.

Actor Jonathan Rhys Meyers is completely with himself and his wife in the pure after the two last month while on a flight together in the hair flew. That happened after Jonathan a drink and took in the device. That was in poor earth with his wife Mara. After the argument, walked Jonathan to the toilet to sneak on his e-cigarette to lurken. When the unit is in Los Angeles arrived was the local police on Jonathan to wait. He was arrested and taken to was a short time later again released.

The actor struggled in the past with an alcohol addiction and was several times in rehab included. In an interview with Larry King went to Jonathan in on the incident.

“My wife and I traveled for 3 hours in the morning from Peru back to Los Angeles,” recalls the 40-year-old The Tudors star. “We had our baby (a year old son Wolf), who at that time teeth to get it was, and there was a fuss about our place in the device

“So we got finally on the flight, and my wife went to sleep and I decided quite stupid to order a drink. When my wife discovered that I had a drink was ordered, she was very angry at me because I was not forced to drink. It fits me, and I was long sober.”

The actor offered to be on the show again apologized for his behavior.

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