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How to buy Altcoins at Cryptopia ?

Here you can learn step by step how you Altcoins at Cryptopia shopping.

In Cryptopia, you can only buy with Bitcoin and not with the Euro, here you will learn step by step how it works.

First, an account is opened at Cryptopia.

Step 1: at the Top right click “Register”.

Here is the main page of Cryptopia

2. Step: Now you can register and fill in the form below.

The Registration Form

3. Step one: Once you have registered you get an E-Mail which you must confirm.

4. Step: Once you are registered, go to the “B” next to your user name. There, click on Balances, and your account will be displayed.

Currently, the account is empty.

Now your account is empty. So you send your Bitcoins to, for example, with a click on send Bitpanda to Cryptopia

If you do not have Bitcoins you can buy Bitcoins at BitPanda with the Euro.
Bitcoin Wallet

4. Step: The Bitcoin receiver address from Cryptopia you get by clicking on the Green arrow next to Bitcoin. “Deposit BTC” can Now be the recipient’s address very easily.

Once you have sent the Bitcoins to the Cryptopia address it should arrive within about 20 minutes. Then it should look like this:

The Bitcoins are on the go and only need to be confirmed.

If enough confirmations are available, the number of “Total moves” to “Available”

Step 5: Go to Markets and search for e.g. Flash

The Top-Left Of Exchange -> Markets
FLASH/BTC market

Step 6: Now, click on Flash and see in the Orderbook, all sales and purchase orders.

On the left of the sale and to the right of the purchase orders

Step 7: Now the Bitcoin price is clicked for the one wants to sell Flash shop/, for example, 148 Satoshi (0,00000148 BTC). Or you can manually create a sales/purchase order to shop for the price you want to. In this case, you need to wait until someone is ready to pay the price.

Above right we see that the shopping was successful. “Available 554-Flash”

Now you have successfully acquired the Altcoin Flash!

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