Gust Van Den Berghe started to recording for his fourth film

a9558c4f230b1c2e835c857c17738bd8 - Gust Van Den Berghe started to recording for his fourth film

Wednesday, the recording start of “Be happy that it is raining’, the fourth feature film from director Gust Van den Berghe. The film is partly on location and partly in the studio in Luxembourg rotated, and in the fall of 2019 in the Belgian cinemas expected. It reports the Flemish Audiovisual Fund VAF. In the meantime, still waiting on a dvd release of the ‘trilogy’ of Van den Berghe, the movies, And where the star remained stationary’, ‘Blue Bird’/L’Oiseau Bleu, and ‘Lucifer’.

“Be glad that it is raining’ is a tragicomedy about Lucien, a boy who at the end of the 19th century, with magnetic force was born. When one day his dear mother comes to see his father, Octave clearly a connection and doesn’t allow he Lucien to his unique talent – the whole of the contract documents to him sticking to them – ever to someone to show. By mistake will Lucien enjoy the travelling theatre company Malfai. There, he is not only an artist, but also be mature and in love. When his old life of him recall, he leaves, however, the circus, and his dreams, and he comes at home, where nothing else is like it was before.

For his next film works Van den Berghe together with Danny Ronaldo (in the lead role as Lucien), and Circus Ronaldo, the most famous circus in Flanders. Father Johnny, mother Mary, and sons, Danny and David Ronaldo pulling since 1975 with their circus through Belgium, Europe and the world.

The roots of Circus Ronaldo are at Gentenaar Adolf-Peter Van den Berghe (1827-1880). As a teenager, he ran away from home to join the Circus Wulff to go to work. He kicked the stable boy to hogeschoolrijder and acrobat and acted even in the Imperial Circus of St. Petersburg. By an unfortunate fall came to an abrupt end to his promising career as an artist. The poetic fate brings Gust Van den Berghe and Circus Ronaldo now back together for the shooting of this film.

In addition to Danny Ronaldo, there are important roles for Bruno Van den Broecke, Jan Bijvoet, Willeke Van Amelrooy, Isolda Dychauk, Mieke dobbels-canters, Eric De Kuyper and Georges Christian, the strongest man in Luxembourg and the greater region.

“Be glad that it is raining’ – currently a very appropriate title – is a production of Tomas Leyers for Minds Meet, coproduction with Lemming Films and Les Films Fauves.

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