‘Father, Meghan was not at all ill’

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According to an anonymous source came up with Thomas Markle the story because he is not to Windsor dared to travel.

Thomas Markle, the father of Meghan, has never had a heart surgery. That claims to be at least a source at the Daily Mail. According to the newspaper, he was never ill and he had to have an excuse to the wedding of his daughter miss.

“The whole story about the operation of Meghans father is invented,” says the source. The 73-year-old Thomas Markle would feel so ashamed for the mounted series of photographs that he in the run up to the wedding left to shoot by the paparazzi that he was no longer to Windsor dared. The story had compassion, to awaken the public, and the attention to deflect from the photos.

“Now everyone has sympathy for him, but that’s not necessary,” says the source. “He has this about himself called. If he really was ill, would Meghan be the trouble to visit him. Have no sympathy with him, but with Meghan.”

The Daily Mail checked at the hospital where Thomas would be treated or where he actually is, but his name was not in administration, says the tabloid.

Thomas Markle keeps the emotions in all months. He is constantly seeking the press in an attempt to get in touch with Meghan. Last week he had yet to prove that he was afraid not long to live. The half-sister of Meghan, Samantha Grant, spoke earlier this week about the situation. She called the duchess of Sussex on to contact. “If our father dies, is that your fault Meg,” she wrote on Twitter.

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