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Ethermon: collection monster nibble on scalability

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Pokémon meets Blockchain: Ethermon was taken, the digital monster rearing, and to bring the fight to the Japanese model on the Ethereum block Chain. High gas prices are hard to made developers and users in the last few weeks however, life. The little monsters are now to be found on the Ziliqa-Blockchain a new place to Fight.

The Ethereum network, has been fighting for some time with increased transaction fees. Whatever is behind it – a malicious attack or a legitimate stress test of the victims belonged to the users of the Ethermon-dApp.

It would currently be more appropriate to speak of an App without the d, have chosen the developer, however, due to the scaling problems of the Ethereum block Chain, fights for the time being to on centralized servers unsubscribe. Prior to that, have rearing by the Gas crisis, the costs of Catch, and Fight, so, in principle, for everything you can with the Ethermon do, occasionally hundredfold. This has left a significant mark in the number of active users: This is to your maximum of 26. May half broke, and ranked according to DappRadar currently 206 users. Far more serious is the decrease in the transaction volume, however, was. This is today, with just 0.032 ETH, only a tiny fraction of the record volume of 277,6 ETH, which is also on the 26. May was achieved. In order to save Gas, find Ethermon-instead of fighting now off-chain. The monsters themselves remain, however, as a non-tradable ERC-721-Token (cf. competitor crypto kitties) on the Blockchain.

Sharding in the long term remedy

The reference to the struggles of the Blockchain is to provide a short – to medium-term Workaround. A long-term solution Ethermon promises by the cooperation with the Blockchain platform Ziliqa. Ziliqa would like to solve the scaling problem by means of Sharding. The Sharding technology is also propagated by Ethereum founder Vitalik Buterin as a response to the scaling question. This has made it not yet ready for market, but it is only a matter of time. In April, tweeted Vitalik a telling “Sharding is coming” along with the GitHub Link. Only at 18. July of the Ethereum founders, has explained at a workshop of the IC3 and his Ethereum Foundation of the benefits of Sharding. The slides of his presentation are available for download here.

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