Dutch minister gets off to a multicultural society

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Stef Blok, the Dutch minister of Foreign Affairs, receives a torrent of criticism on him after some of the movies uitlekten which he great criticism on the multicultural society.

Block last week was a guest speaker at a private meeting in The Hague for Dutch people who are employed by international organisations. During his talk he made a string of very controversial statements about migration, xenophobia and the multicultural society, especially given his position as the highest ranking diplomat of the Netherlands.

He said that he ‘not only multicultural country in the world where people live in peace with each other life’, he put the former Dutch colony of Suriname road as a failed state, went to the ethnic division’, and he said that ” colored people in Eastern Europe did not have life’. He stated further that the ” probably is genetically determined, that people can not cope with strangers’.

“Just call me a example, of a multi-ethnic or multicultural society, where the original population is still living in (…) and where a peaceful society. I do not know it’, it dawned Block the public out.

Wroth comments

One of the attendees filmed the statements of the Block, and those pictures were Wednesday published by the Dutch research programme Zembla.

The opposition reacted furious to the statements, calling them ‘incomprehensible’ and ‘boorish’. But even within the liberal party (VVD) of the Block fell hard words. “No one will claim that Suriname is a modelstaat or that migrants in the Eastern European countries always be kindly treated, but the minister had these points can also create a less clumsy choice of words’, tweette partijgenoot Han ten Broeke.


Block saw then forced Wednesday the boetekleed to attract. ‘I have my words are not well chosen and that I regret, ” he said about his statements. “I had also decided to link these words not to use. We’re going to do no more.’ He added later that that communication had to be seen as an apology.

Or that apologies should be enough, remains to be determined. NRC Handelsblad notes that the minister is lucky that the Second Room earlier this month with recess is gone. ‘Otherwise, he was, undoubtedly, to an outraged parliament called to justify, ” writes the newspaper.

Block is only since march minister of Foreign Affairs. He followed partijgenoot Halbe Zijlstra, who was caught in a lie about a visit to Russian president Vladimir Putin.

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