Dennis Rodman: Kanye can bring to North Korea

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If Dennis Rodman is, he takes on his next visit to North Korea a special guest: Kanye West. The former basketball player has several times been a guest at the North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un, with whom he had a special friendship. In an interview with US Weekly let Rodman know why he is the rapper would want to take.

“Kanye respects my ideas and I find that he is great to work all over the world. That respect is so mutual. It would be great to get together to do something, therefore, I invite him out with me to go to North Korea. That way he can see with your own eyes what happens there, what he hopefully inspires you to write a song,” says Rodman.

Dennis Rodman (r.) with the North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un.

In June traveled Rodman still off to Singapore, where he was a witness to the historic meeting between Kim Jong Un and Us president, Donald Trump, what he emotioneerde: “If there is anything good to come out between North Korea and America, then I have these men yet, but nicely brought together.”

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