David Spade supports ex Heather Locklear

The actress, who lately has lots of problems with addiction and multiple arrests, you can always count on her ex-boyfriend Spade, with whom she had a relationship in 2006.

Actress Heather Locklear, who the last time very often negative in the news appears, you can always find support from her ex, comedian David Spade. He himself admitted in an interview with Andy Cohen, and it reveals also that he was often in contact with his ex-girlfriend if it goes bad. Locklear, who recently often is under fire because of her arrests and problems with alcohol, had a relationship with Spade in 2006. The actor, known for Grown Ups, Joe Dirt, appeared in the radio program Radio Andy, where he was asked whether he still contact with his ex, after her arrest, and overdose at the end of June.

“I mean, I love her,” says Spade. “It was nice of her to with me to go out. I am forever indebted to her because she was so nice, so nice. And she went on dates with me without somewhere to stay, even if I know for sure that they criticism has been about.”

About the ongoing problems from his ex says to Spade: “She did it just to heavy now… I also have my bad moments, everyone has that sometimes.”

Locklear has let me know that they treatment affects the long-term, so her alcohol addiction under control.

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