This is the beautygeheim of Heidi Klum

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Heidi Klum broke up as a model in the nineties, but despite that there are now twenty years have passed, the 45-year-old model is still gorgeous.

Heidi Klum

The blonde clean reveals to Bang Showbiz her secret: “I like to challenge myself to exfoliate, I also believe that it is okay to twice a week to exfoliate. It gives you a younger appearance because your skin more quickly renewed.” The scrub that Heidi used consists of apricot kernels oil, aloe vera and vitamin E, ingredients that the skin is clean and dead skin removal.

The model admits that they does very little for her young appearance, except that they as little as possible, wearing make-up when they are not at work.

Previously announced, they all agree that her diet contributes to her beauty. “I start the day with a smoothie and my last meal of the day is to be six hours. I eat together with my children, and I think that that also helps. Because if you later eat, to eight or nine hours, for example, and you drink a few glasses of wine, then consume nothing more. You can better what used to eat.”

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