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“Stupid rules ensure that there is in F1 not racing”

85c3ffba43b8e8e23b1db20344a70122 - "Stupid rules ensure that there is in F1 not racing"

Former F1 boss Bernie Ecclestone has once again gave his vision about the current situation in the Formula 1. Ecclestone in that, especially criticism of the punishment that today in the Formula 1 will be handed out. According to Ecclestone, it ensures that there is less raced.

“Some time ago when I was also involved, I said all of that technical rules today are more important than sports rules,” said the former F1 boss. “They were at the top of the rules of procedure have to write: not racing.”

Ecclestone doesn’t believe that for all kinds of pietluttigheden, or for a lot of so-called ‘racing incidents’, a punishment must be imposed.

“When the riders do something which the teameigenaars or sponsors find that it doesn’t fit them, then tapping them on the fingers: don’t do that anymore!”

“There turning it all around. All the rules that are there now, however, are to ensure that there is no more racing.”

“All those stupid things that there are today, such as punishment all, it’s just stupid.”

Also the past few months, there was already criticism of the punishment that the stewards in the Formula 1 handing. This does not only criticize the punishment, but also on the fact that similar incidents are sometimes totally different, judged and punished.

It should be clear that the last word about punishment in the Formula 1 is not yet said …

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