“Robbie Williams wants nude chat with fans

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Robbie Williams is 44 years still to enjoy. And he knows it too. While he’s apparently nude in bed, he calls his followers up with him to chat.

Robbie Williams

With slightly wild hair and bare chest is Robbie in bed waiting for fans who cozy up with him to chat. “Who can find Instagram live chats so much fun? Turn your notifications on, ask me a question and who knows you called,” he writes in the short video, he, along with his wife include.

Although this is all very spicy sounds, there is very little exciting to the movie itself. “I film you while you do me live films,” says Ayda. “There would be no double sound to be heard now that we both live?”, she wonders. “I have no idea, let’s see”, replied the singer.

When Ayda asks him whether he still wants to say before the video is online, he gives a wise advice: “don’t Use drugs!”

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