NPO is a German series with Barry Atsma dubbing

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For the first time allows the NPO to a foreign series for a mature audience dubbing. It comes to the German series of Bad Banks, in which Barry Atsma, a singing drummer. The actor goes his own role in speaking, thus the NPO on Thursday known.

Barry Atsma

“Say, what a profession is, is not new to me. But speaking of my own role,” says Barry in a comment. “The excitement of the very first scene of Bad Banks came right back. In the studio I have every scene, every sentence played again and politely, but then in my own mother tongue.”

According to Frans Klein, director of video at NPO, this is an experiment. He is curious to see how the viewers react. “We have a lot of confidence. Therefore, we give the dubbed version a prominent place on NPO 1,” he says. If it is a success, the NPO are more likely to have foreign series dubbing.

Is done abroad dubbing much more often. In the Netherlands it is never done, with the exception of children’s series such.

Bad Banks from 24 July to see at AVROTROS on NPO 1. The series is about a notorious banker (Barry Atsma) who is known to have high gains and are risky policies.

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