No prosecution in cases Brandt Corstius and Van Dam

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Amsterdam – Justice seponeert the returns that journalist Jelle Brandt Corstius and tv-producer Gijs van Dam against each other have done. Brandt Corstius accused Van Dam of sexual abuse, which Van Dam declaration against the journalist of libel and slander.

Jelle Brandt Corstius (l) and Gijs van Dam (r)

It reports the ORDER in a press release. The declarations over the past few months, independently examined, with the same outcome.

The officer of justice in The Hague does not see enough leads for Brandt Corstius’ accusation that the tv producer him years ago when he did an internship at a tv programme Barend & Van Dorp, drugged and sex forced.

Justice in Amsterdam examined the declaration of Van Dam, and notes that no legal case of libel. That is only if someone “intentionally, a person’s honour or good name affects” and that is not the case, according to the ORDER.

After Brandt Corstius his story anonymously in the media had brought, made From the Dam in Amsterdam a declaration of libel and slander. According to Van Dam, he would by the article by Brandt Corstius to be too easy to be traced. Van Dam denies the sexual contact, but that there was coercion or drugging.

Journalist Brandt Corstius brought his story to the outside via newspaper Trouw. Therein he called the name of the producer that he would have raped. Also there were few other details in his article that Van Dam could lead. “The fact that he later became the name of the program has confirmed that not otherwise, will find it TO. In addition, wrote Brandt Corstius are newspaper article as a contribution to the social #MeToo debate about sexual misconduct.

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