Justin Timberlake gets home not sold

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The luxury apartment of Justin Timberlake in Soho, New York for sale. Now his abode after five months, still no new owner has, he is no less than usd 245,000 in price dropped.

Justin Timberlake

The superstar threw his apartment in the first instance, for almost $ 7 million on the market, but that seems much too high. Now his home is a cramped half a year later still not sold, he price dropped to 6,75 million dollars, converted as’n 5,65 million euro.

Itself bought Justin the apartment for 6.57 million dollars. If he now succeeds his house to get rid of, so at least no loss. The apartment has three bedrooms and three bathrooms. In addition, there is a private gym, a large garden and a huge roof terrace.

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