Hilarious Pete Philly makes historic tv

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He will have his comeback on the Dutch television really different have been proposed, but after his participation in The world’s Smartest Man is going to rapper PETE PHILLY from now on life as ’the dumbest man’.

Rapper Pete Philly beat a big blunder in the spelletjesprogramma The Smartest Man.

Call it hilarious, the performance of PETE PHILLY in the second episode of the new season of The Smartest Man was in any case historically. Never has it happened that a player halfway through the quiz, only one second of playing time on, so that presenter PHILIP FRERIKS spoke of a exceptional situation. I am now forced to all the candidates thirty seconds extra. Otherwise, we can not continue.’

On social media was massive the dragon stung with the Aruban-Dutch singer, who showed either an off-day or simply really do not know who PIA DIJKSTRA, VICTOR MIDS or DANNY BLIND. When he asked what he knew of these CELEBRITIES, he had each time no response. First, to the surprise and later to the amusement of the audience. Also on other riddles and puzzles he continued to answer.

“Rapper fought back after SEVEN YEARS sick in bed to have breakfast.”

It will, Pete Philly, who yesterday would not comment on his remarkable tv appearance, probably a sausage. He has, however, for hotter fire stood. As a 13-year-old boy, he was during a school camp has been bitten by a tick. Only many years later, he received this Lyme disease. While a brilliant music career on the horizon – he just had a hit single scored with Mystery Repeats, the tune that still is used in the commercials of kluswinkel Job – he had to abruptly stop his work. Philly was eventually SEVEN YEARS sick in bed. He told me recently about:

,,If you have Lyme disease, you are a prisoner of your own body. Imagine that you have a heart of a lion, but your body throws you back and says that you only have a cat. The way it feels. In your head you’re full of ideas and energy, but your body does not cooperate.’

But now he is back. In april he published his new single Come Together. Such a comeback is for him to be awarded: after this week know the whole of the Netherlands, namely that he is the of the music should have, and not from his brain.

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