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Cariota was network thanks to: car data on IOTA

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IOTA is as a block chain like System is known, which inter machine communication in the Internet of things to the target. But how exactly can you imagine that? A team of developers has prepared a Use Case in the area of intelligent mobility in a comprehensible manner.

IOTA is generally considered to be a medium of communication for the “Internet of things” (engl.: “Internet of Things” (IOT)). The System uses instead of a traditional Blockchain, the so-called Tangle, which offers a number of advantages in terms of speed and scalability. IOTA is developed in cooperation with companies and business conglomerates. How, exactly, IOTA and the Tangle, the “Blockchain, no blocks” does not work, we looked at ever more closely.

Heard a lot of partnerships around IOTA, but you can make yourself an idea of the use of the Tangle-based Internet-of-things network? The project CarIota has built a Use-Case for the networking of the automobile and Tangle.

Cariota – networking of the car and Tangle

As the Basis, the development team used Yun, a Arduino. Arduino micro-controllers that are in the DIY area, thanks to the comparatively simple control, especially popular. The microcontroller programming is done by using a C-like language. New Codes can be downloaded to the Arduino via the USB-interface of a normal computer.

The Arduino Code queries the sensor data periodically and receive quick answers from the CAN-Bus Shield. A CAN Bus is an industrially-used data transmission system. About this Bus System, various sensor data can be passed on from the automobile. This is done via the OBD-II Port in any car easily accessible.

Directly on the Arduino, you can not give the data at least to the Tangle. The data will be transferred in the JSON Format and using the so-called MQTT Protocol will be sent. The Message Queue Telemetry Transport Protocol is a Standard in the inter-machine communication. The recipient of this MQTT message to a Raspberry Pi. Using Masked Authenticated Messaging or shortly MAM, you can send Raspberry Pi data to the Tangle.

This data can be retrieved locally via a MAM-Decoder. You can even go a step further, and another Use-Case called Sensorhub. With this, you can subscribe to several of the MAM stream, and the data on a map monitor.

So you can see: On Github, and use of products via various online shops acquirable, you can do – in the spirit of #BUILDL – in the context of a weekend project, the idea of IOT and the inter-machine communication.

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