Brandt Corstius: not one second of regret piece

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Journalist Jelle Brandt Corstius has ’no second regret’ of his story in Trouw, in which he said that years ago he sexually abused. He is responding to the message that the Public prosecution service (OM) his declaration seponeert against tv producer Gijs van Dam. “I knew my business after 16 years is not easy to prove would have been,” he writes in a statement.

Jelle Brandt Corstius

“Stronger still: it was just one of the reasons that I in my publication in Trouw on 23 October, the name of my rapist not have referred to. And yes, of course it is frustrating to be a liar to be put on national television. It is, as I have in Faith wrote, ” my word against his’.”

Brandt Corstius says that he is the piece not only for himself wrote, but for all victims of sexual violence. “In order to clarify that there is still so much Weinsteins and Cosby’s walking around or getting away with it because so many victims do not forward, dare to act.”


Van Dam did, in turn, also filed charges against Brandt Corstius of libel and slander, which is also dropped. “In my publication, I was not specifically to mr. Van Dam, but to get this kind of hufters in general”, says the journalist. “His name was in no way to track it.”

He closes his statement with: “I can only hope that the other victims will help to keep the silence to break. ’The penalty for silence lasts for life, emailed me someone. Of that punishment, I am now saved.”

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