Obama: mixed French football team is an example

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JOHANNESBURG – The French national soccer team is an example for the world. This said, the American ex-president Barack Obama, in a speech in South Africa. Obama from 2009 to 2017 was president, held a speech at a commemoration of the former South African leader Nelson Mandela.

“When everyone has the same rights, can a society be built on the talents, energy and skills of all the inhabitants. Who is in doubt, should go to the national football team of France look. They don’t look all Gauls, but the French.”

Obama also got off to his successor, president Trump, who is accused not so closely with the facts. “Politicians need facts to believe, and not just things come up, because without factual basis, there is no cooperation.”

France won Sunday the world cup of soccer with an ethnically mixed team. Obama had a father from Kenya and a mother from the US. Mandela of the Thembu tribe would, if still alive, Wednesday one hundred years old. He is held responsible for the relatively peaceful end of the white minderheidsbewind in 1994, and as the founder of modern South Africa.

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