Most expensive Chinese film flopped

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‘Asura’, the most expensive Chinese film ever, after a disappointing start again from the halls met. That message, the British tv channel BBC. The fantasy film, which is based on Chinese mythology and is full of special effects was stopped, it took 750 million yuan, about 96 million euros.

During the opening weekend brought the film only 50 million yuan (6.3 million euro), accounted for one of the biggest flops in film history. Producers reportedly are planning to release the film to rework it at a later time again in the halls.

Behind the ‘Asura’ are a pack of big names from the film industry: Alibaba Pictures, Zhenjian Film Studio, Ningxia Film Group. The film is based on the buddhist mythology and tells the story of a shepherd who is a mythical empire must protect against an attack. The Chinese film industry hoped to make this a storyline, à la ‘Lord of the Rings’ or ‘Game of Thrones’ to start. The intention, according to funder Ningxia was also to have confidence in its own culture to enlarge, and local talent to promote.

The Chinese state media were for the release full of praise, but the public is less enthusiastic.

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