May survive a rebellion on the customs

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LONDON – The British government has a small majority in a key vote in the house of Commons won. Labour wanted the government would be forced to negotiate after the brexit in the European customs union to continue, if after the 21st of January next year, no agreement with the EU.

Theresa May

Although Labour and with the support of some pro-EU Conservatives, cited the change in the law it is not. Of the members of parliament agreed 307 and 305. As for the vote, the government had already announced the amendment will not run, and if necessary, throughout the legal to withdraw. May has always said that Britain, after the brexit in any customs union will participate and there she wants to keep.

Shortly after the vote went to the house of Commons eventually agree to the whole legal. Can Britain be an independent course if the EU stepped. The plan is aimed at trade agreements with the EU to convert into agreements with individual countries.

The house of lords the plan must still approve.

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