Franco is unearthed (and reburied)

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The fascist Spanish dictator Francisco Franco (1892-1975) will soon be excavated and subsequently reburied. That has the Spanish leader Pedro Sánchez is ratified.

The new Spanish government is going to save the remnants of the fascist former dictator Francisco Franco pulling out of the pompous mausoleum in the Valley of the Fallen. The excavation will ‘soon’ happen, said the socialist Tuesday in the parliament in Madrid. “The decision of the government is fixed.’

All weeks are in the country as discussions about the plans. The government had the surgery already, in July, want to make, but legal procedures, and the missing consent of the family of Franco prevented a preliminary to a date.

The monumental grafsite in the Valley of the Fallen is situated in the Sierra de Guadarrama mountains, about forty kilometers northwest of Madrid. Last weekend still had numerous supporters of Franco against the intention to protest. The mausoleum is today a pilgrimage site for supporters of Franco and right-wing extremists. That’s the ruling socialists a thorn in the eye.


‘A country that look to the future, must make peace with the past, ” said Sánchez also. He himself belongs to a generation that has grown up in a democracy. ‘No democracy can afford monuments to have a dictatorship to the sky in prices. Also the our not, ” said the 46-year-old politician.

The parliament in Madrid, had last year a rekwest of the socialists for the reburial of Franco adopted. The then ruling conservative Partido Popular was not, however, obliged the request to convert. The socialists, now in power, have of the theme one of their top priorities.

In Spain, there is decades of arguments about the mausoleum, that from 1940 in nineteen years time to 20,000 Republican prisoners from the rocks was hewn. In addition to Franco, there are more than 30,000 fighters and soldiers buried on both sides of the Spanish civil War (1936-1939).

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