Duncan Jones teast Rogue Trooper movie

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The filmmaker recently confessed he was nervous about his next movie project.

Director Duncan Jones is working reportedly on a movie of the Rogue Trooper comic books. The maker of Moon and Warcraft teasde Sunday his plans for the sci-fi film on Twitter, where he is a video shared, in which he wondered what kind of project he then had to take.

“One for them or one for me? Studio or indie”, you hear him ask in the voice-over, because Jones has a hat on the screen, with his back to the camera and stares at a series of monitors on his desk.

“I will be a stripfilm make a Marvel movie, maybe DC? Image, or Dark Horse, perhaps,” he continues. Jones then it seems they decided to have, as he says, “Yes, one of the Megaverse, take a look. Who, oh, who it should be,” before he took his hat off to a blue mohawk to reveal, a nod to the hairstyle modeled by the character Rogue Trooper in 2000 AD comics. The screen is black if a message appears and reads: “If that wasn’t enough…”.

The son of David Bowie has yet to confirm whether the guess of the fans of the Trooper of the fans Rogue is correct, but the weekendpost is a sequel to his previous Twittertease, when he confessed to a strip-till to work.

“A little nervous about this, but, nervous is where the fun is,” he wrote last week. “I’m going to a stripverhaalfilm! A free special. That is the first tease … Second tease of a few days!

Rogue Trooper, in the eighties co-opted by Watchmen’s Dave Gibbons and Gerry Finley-Day, focuses on a genetically-created super-soldier, with a blue skin and a mohawk, who joins forces with a trio of comrades to their arch-nemesis, the Traitor General, to chase away. The storyline of the character is previously processed to different video games, but not yet to the big screen. The British 2000 AD comics have also the popular Judge Dredd character produced.

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