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Chinese Mining company Bitmain comes to Silicon Valley

d03645682116e4a06d2f9fc17f5a2d7a - Chinese Mining company Bitmain comes to Silicon Valley

Bitmain, the Chinese manufacturer of Mining Hardware, is pushing ahead with its international Expansion. In addition to the planned IPO has now found a new home Overseas. In the future, the market is acting leader of an office in Silicon Valley.

The Silicon Valley is an innovative crypto-companies richer. As the Silicon Valley Business Journal reported, refers to Bitmain an office in Downtown San Jose. On approximately 20,000 square feet (about 1,858-square-metres) switches, and managed the Mining giant from now on in the global FinTech Hub.

New cash flow through Pre-IPO

Last month we reported the Plan Bitmains to go this year to the stock exchange. The change to the Corporation to make business practices more transparent and the companies more seriousness. The total value of the company is currently estimated to be around twelve billion dollars. Thus, the most valuable crypto-company, it would be in the world.

One reason for the high classification Bitmains is in successful Pre-IPO, which has gone on in the last month. The investment company, Sequoia Capital China invested a whopping $ 400 million in Bitmain. Sequoia Capital was, apart from IDG Capital is one of the original venture capital companies, which had financed Bitmain to start.

Bitmain: as before, top dog in the Mining

The spread to the USA could be the market power of Bitmain continue to consolidate. The company is not only increasing Mining rates, Despite highly successful in the sales of miners, but also operates with Antpool, and two powerful Mining Pools. On Antpool so they are, among other things, a Block-Producer of the new EOS-Ecosystem.

The international Expansion Bitmains also shows that, in spite of the monopolistic position of the Antminer S9 not rest on their achievements. Also, there is no reason grows up in the neighboring country of Japan with the CMO B2 a strong competition. To COM the big competitors, however, all its business units and challenge, must have done something – in addition to East Asia and North America is now one of the show places of the Mining business.

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