Big challenge for Victor Reinier

5f0c20d98412260e47c191aba9ef0fc0 - Big challenge for Victor Reinier

In Baantjer and Flikken Maastricht plays Victor Reinier with verve the role of the police-inspector, and for several years he also writes the scenarios. For the Dutchman is that this is a tough challenge because he has dyslexia. Still, says Reinier Humo that this ‘disability’ – just an advantage. “If you have all the words wrong reads, then stores a sense, had nothing more to. That is good for your imagination, because you read things that are quite absurd. When you are with your parents in the car, on the way to France, and can’t read, you stare outside. Then you go stories come up with everything you see. I am also agile with language, because if you use words that you do not understand, go to search, then you can always find eight synonyms. Of all the things I have the benefit now that I have scenarios to write.”

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