YouTuber Défano Holwijn is not to wait on tv

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YouTuber Défano Holwijn has Hilversum is not necessary. He got already several offers but still he declined it.

Défano Holwijn

“They all do it, all the broadcasters. They think that they are on the main field to play and that they can ask to their team to join”, says Défano in the Volkskrant. “That I need them and be grateful. The reality is rather the reverse. I knock on their door, they come to my door. Most YouTubers are completely not have to wait on the tv.”

The 25-year-old Défano, on YouTube, almost 300,000 subscribers, says that with a lot of broadcasters calls to have had. What he does not know more. “There were so many,” he says. “What the thing was: they wanted too much say, I had no freedom of movement. Why would I do that? I have my own platform, where I can do exactly as I want.”

Old ideas

According to Défano they can with television, ” old ideas are not letting go’. “They don’t understand how fast it all changes. I am with them in conversation and they continue to say: yes, but our director, a man of 70 years, says that so and so is told to do.”

Still want Défano eventually, however, the step car to the television. “I want to have a own talk show,” he dreams. “For a talk show they have, at this moment, with the tv still have the highest budgets.”

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