Trump ‘reset’ relations with Russia

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The American president Donald Trump wipes the sponge over the past. He sees a lot of problems that can be better resolved if the U.S. and Russia work together.

The fact that this meeting has taken place, see many as a victory for president Putin. The Russian president had a phone call in march to Donald Trump and asked if they could not speak. Russia wants the sanctions set up after the Russian annexation of the Crimea and interference in Eastern Ukraine, to be softened or abolished.

The fact that Trump the sponge wants to wipe that past, is a major moral boost for Putin. He has done that the Americans are their to change course, without Russia, any compromise will have to do.

Peace in Syria
There is Trump and many to a good relationship with Russia. He said that explicitly at the beginning of the meeting in Helsinki. From the press conference showed that the Us president to a new ‘reset’ to start. He stressed the importance of diplomacy to solve the problems. The two heads of state have agreed on the long list of problems that they need to address. One of the themes that are dealt with at length is come, is the way in which Russia and the US can work together for peace and security in Syria. Possible Russia will the United States help to influence Iran to reduce.

The meeting came at a difficult time. Last Friday, the U.s. department of Justice twelve Russian secret agents accused that they are the e-mails from the Democratic party and presidential candidate Hillary Clinton have been hacked. President Trump said that he is the theme of the Russian interference in the elections has extensively spoken with Putin. From his statement it turned out that Trump, together with Putin, believes that his team has not cooperated with the Russians. It shows the position of the American president far the American justice system.

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